In 1986 the father of the family, Dimitris, known to the public as Jimmy, bought a piece of land by the main road of Agios Stefanos. Two years later construction began and the summer of 1988 became the very first season in which the bar, and a couple of studios on the first floor, opened its doors and welcomed its first tourists.

Since then, every year, the family continues to improve their services with the result of increasing the capacity of the accommodation: an Apart Hotel with 6 studios and a family room.

Our family business caters for a mixed-age crowd from various nations all around the world. To us, different people from different places represent new ideas and new friends in harmonic communication. This was an inspiration for naming our hotel kosmos which in Greek means people, crowd, but also the world and universe, as in Ancient Greece philosopher Pythagoras used the term kosmos for the order of the universe.